CSS tips and tricks #1: Enhancement with Modernizr

Today is I will start to release new series focused on using CSS called “CSS tips and tricks”. This series will be made up from tutorials about how to do interesting and useful stuff only through CSS. All topics will be chosen in order to be used in real-life projects. Some of these tutorials will… Continue reading CSS tips and tricks #1: Enhancement with Modernizr

How to bulletproof your CSS

Today we will discuss possible ways to make sure our CSS are bulletproof and our webpages works properly (how we want) on every browser out there. I want to talk about this subject because it is very important to for successfully follow progressive enhancement philosophy and to avoid ignoring some users because of software they… Continue reading How to bulletproof your CSS

Full-screen stacked navigation tutorial

For today, we will create full-screen stacked navigation with beautiful resizing width effect on hover. Our goal is to create navigation which will take approximately 25% of the page’s width and 100% of its height. If you read previous tutorial on “Full-screen page with centered navigation”, you know what am I talking about. Navigation will… Continue reading Full-screen stacked navigation tutorial

The reverse engineering and stealing for learning

Have you ever tried to think how something works? Going back from complete product backwards into the bare principles? If yes you probably used reverse engineering. The definition of reverse engineering is: “It is a process of extracting knowledge or design information from anything man-made.” When you are practicing reverse engineering, you are trying to… Continue reading The reverse engineering and stealing for learning

6 reasons to learn JavaScript

Were you ever thinking about learning some new language? I’m not talking about language in terms of spoken language, but about computer languages. In such a variety of existing languages it is hard to decide which one to choose. This decision is even harder because learning anything, and language for sure, require investing big amount… Continue reading 6 reasons to learn JavaScript