Automatic Semicolon Insertion (ASI) in JavaScript Made Simple

Semicolons and Automatic Semicolon Insertion are two of the most misunderstood topics in JavaScript. In this tutorial, you will learn about what ASI is. You will also learn about the rules that determine where semicolons are required. This will also help you understand when ASI can cause you troubles.

4 Core Principles of Object-oriented Programming in JavaScript

There are four core principles in object-oriented programming. Without them programming language can’t be called object-oriented. These principles are encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism and abstraction. In this article, you will learn about these principles, their meaning, and how to use them.

Higher-order Functions in JavaScript Made Simple

Higher-order functions are one of the topics that can be hard to understand. This article will help you understand what higher-order functions are and how to work with them. You will also learn about the difference between high-order and first order functions and about high-order functions built-in in JavaScript.

How “this” in JavaScript Works

The this keyword can be very confusing. This tutorial will help you understand how it works. You will learn about how this works in different contexts and environments. These contexts include global object, functions, object and class methods and events. You will also learn about globalThis, new feature added in ES2020.

How to Build an App with React, Express and SQLite

This tutorial will show you how to build your own app with React, Express and SQLite. First, you will create SQLite database. Next, you will create express server and connect it with the database. After that, you will build a React app, use axios to send requests to the server and use React hooks to… Continue reading How to Build an App with React, Express and SQLite

Introduction to Regular Expressions in JavaScript

In this tutorial, you will learn all you need to get started with regular expressions in JavaScript. You will learn how to create new expressions, how to use them and how to test them. You will also learn how to create simple and complex patterns and about special symbols and characters.