Is better mobile or responsive website

You might see them or heard about them and some of you visited the in the past. We are talking about mobile websites. It looks almost like a waste time talking about these kind of websites when RWD trend is growing and in such a pace, but I think that this is actually the best… Continue reading Is better mobile or responsive website

What is CSS specificity hierarchy

One thing beginning Web Designers and Developers often misunderstand or even leave out completely is CSS specificity hierarchy. This not so wise decision can cause them a lot of troubles alongside with few headaches later on. Let’s fix it or prevent it from happening at all today. We are going to talk a bit more… Continue reading What is CSS specificity hierarchy

To code or not to code

Coding skills are less and less important for anyone who wants to build web pages. How far will this go? Will we come into future where knowing HTML and CSS will be worthless and where everything on the web will be coded by software and robots?