Typography in Web design

It was said and repeated for many times that web is 90% typography. If you are a web designer, developer or just anyone working in web industry, typography covers huge part of your work. Typography is also one field that is often overlooked by young designers wanting to start their careers or businesses. This is… Continue reading Typography in Web design

The difference between graphic and web designer

This post is a reaction on conclusion about web and graphic designer that was made great friend of mine on facebook this morning. I wanted to write my opinion in a simple and short form at first, but then I decided to rather make a post on this subject. Purpose of this post is not… Continue reading The difference between graphic and web designer

Unification of web design and originality

After browsing the Internet for a couple minutes, one almost always have to come up with conclusion that all of the websites are divided into just a few categories. These categories differ only in details such as size of individual elements like footer or sections, position of navigation, if they use ghost buttons or if… Continue reading Unification of web design and originality

Jumping into web design

Studying design in school or learning everything by yourself in the evening? Web is more accessible then ever before and industry is welcoming new people, but this is only beginning. In next years it will only get better. So, what is the BIG thing you have to learn?