How to bulletproof your CSS

Today we will discuss possible ways to make sure our CSS are bulletproof and our webpages works properly (how we want) on every browser out there. I want to talk about this subject because it is very important to for successfully follow progressive enhancement philosophy and to avoid ignoring some users because of software they… Continue reading How to bulletproof your CSS

Full-screen stacked navigation tutorial

For today, we will create full-screen stacked navigation with beautiful resizing width effect on hover. Our goal is to create navigation which will take approximately 25% of the page’s width and 100% of its height. If you read previous tutorial on “Full-screen page with centered navigation”, you know what am I talking about. Navigation will… Continue reading Full-screen stacked navigation tutorial

Full-screen page with centered navigation tutorial

Some websites use this very nice feature of being stretched to full-screen no matter if they contain any content. It often comes side-by-side with full-screen photo on the background, some times also using a blur effect. However, our goal for today will be creating this full-screen page with photo on background and centered navigation. This… Continue reading Full-screen page with centered navigation tutorial