Tags deprecated in HTML5

Let’s talk about HTML5 tags a bit today. To be more precise, tags which were deprecated in newest HTML release. Reason for that is that some web designers and developers are still using those tags. If you are already familiar with this topic and create valid code, I’m proud of you and your clients should be thankful how lucky they are.

Why is it so bad to use something that is out-dated? Well, for couple of reasons … First, from my point of view, it is not just bad practice, but unprofessional and irresponsible. When someone does not invest his or her time to get to know what the latest news in industry are and learn them, he or she should not be in it at all. If you want to argue with me, ask yourself if you would let some lazy idiot with out-dated knowledge repair your car.

Not paying attention to changes in syntax, no matter the language you are using, also leads to creating bad programming habits because you get used to using these obsolete elements, properties, commands or whatever.

Deprecated tags

So, which tags were deprecated in HTML5 and you should stop using? Bellow is short list with summary of what these tags were doing.

<acronym> - Defines an acronym. This tag was replaced by <abbr> tag.
<applet> - Defines an applet. Instead, you can use <object> tag.
<basefont> - Defines an base font for the page. Style the text via CSS styles.
<big> - Defines big text. Same with as basefont.
<center> - Defines centered text. Same with as basefont.
<dir> - Defines a directory list. Same with as basefont.
<font> - Defines text font, size, and color. Same with as basefont.
<frame> - Defines a frame. Possible alternatives can be <iframe> or <object> tags.
<frameset> - Defines a set of frames.
<isindex> - Defines a single-line input field.
<noframes> - Defines a noframe section.
<s> - Defines strikethrough text. In HTML5 it is used to define text that is no longer correct.
<strike> - Defines strikethrough text. Instead you can use <del> tag.
<tt> - Defines teletype text. Same with as basefont.
<u> - Defines underlined text. In HTML5 it represents text that should be stylistically different from normal text (misspelled word, etc.).

Deprecated Attributes

Another important thing to know is are attributes that are no longer valid. Below is short is a short paragraph containing all of them.

Rev, charset, shape, coords, longdesc, target, nohref, profile, version, name, scheme, archive, classid, codebase, codetype, declare, standby, valuetype, type, axis, abbr, scope, align, alink, link, vlink, text, background, bgcolor, border, cellpadding, cellspacing, char, charoff, clear, compact, frame, compact, frame, frameborder, hspace, vspace, marginheight, marginwidth, noshade, nowrap, rules, scrolling, size, type, valign, width


If you are one of them, you can do two things. First, forget this post, continue in what you are doing and be happy with crappy non-valid code you write. Second option is to slap yourself to wake up and finally start taking your craft seriously. It is only your choice, what tags will you use, but remember that, by writing non-valid code, you are providing disservice to your clients. So, do yourself and your clients a favor and expand and update your knowledge by learning.

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