How to create responsive typography

Creating responsive typography is a hard thing to do and not many web designers rather don’t talk about it at all. In order to provide the best experience for your users as possible, you better not avoid this subject. Let’s divide it into smaller parts and bring some more clarity into it.

Buttons – When states are gone

It is more and more often when I visit some website and no matter how great or bad they look, one thing catches my attention almost immediately. States for buttons and links. Some of those websites does not use any styles or whatever to help user differentiate between default, hover and active state. If you… Continue reading Buttons – When states are gone

Design for breakpoints

Few days ago I listened to Web Ahead podcast ( episode with Mark Boulton. This episode is a bit older, from November 2011, however with good stuff time does not matter. Mark mentioned interesting thing when it comes to responsive design. The idea was to design for specific breakpoints instead of resolutions and I think… Continue reading Design for breakpoints

CSS tips and tricks #1: Enhancement with Modernizr

Today is I will start to release new series focused on using CSS called “CSS tips and tricks”. This series will be made up from tutorials about how to do interesting and useful stuff only through CSS. All topics will be chosen in order to be used in real-life projects. Some of these tutorials will… Continue reading CSS tips and tricks #1: Enhancement with Modernizr