JavaScript 101-#6 – Functions Pt2

In last part we took a look at functions, what they do, how they do it how to create them. We learned that there are two ways to declare them. One is with “var” keyword and another is without it. Today we will continue in our exploration of functions more in-depth. First thing on the… Continue reading JavaScript 101-#6 – Functions Pt2

CSS tips and tricks #8-Playing with animations

Like it or not, CSS animations are one of the trends that will definitely shape the future of web design industry. Even though JavaScript is still heavily used to create animated states on numerous events on the page, its involvement is in decline. Thanks to great support from browsers, only IE 8,9 and Opera Mini… Continue reading CSS tips and tricks #8-Playing with animations

CSS tips and tricks #6-CSS accordion menu

Another post from CSS tips and tricks just arrived! Challenge for today is to create accordion menu only with HTML and CSS. No JavaScript or jQuery or any other library are allowed. To make it a bit more classy, we will also add a fading effect to browsing between individual sections. Let’s dive into code…

Are reset CSS stylesheets useful

When the discussion about reset CSS stylesheets begin people quickly split into few groups. First group propose that reset stylesheets should be avoided for whatever reason. Second group, on the other hand, will recommend you to use it and even give you some links where to get it. The last group will be somewhere in-between.… Continue reading Are reset CSS stylesheets useful