Typography in Web design

It was said and repeated for many times that web is 90% typography. If you are a web designer, developer or just anyone working in web industry, typography covers huge part of your work. Typography is also one field that is often overlooked by young designers wanting to start their careers or businesses. This is… Continue reading Typography in Web design

Transitions and animations in web design

One of the trends proclaimed for this and next year are transitions and animations. You can already see many examples of websites using these new CSS3 modules. Some of these websites use them slightly while others more heavily. What remains the same among web designers is the philosophy behind the way of using them. This… Continue reading Transitions and animations in web design

Custom HTML dropdown with jQuery

Why to use pre-created or pre-packed features if you can create and build your own? Default dropdown inputs does not look good at all and options to style through CSS are quite limited. If you have few minutes and are not afraid of jQuery, you can create your own dropdown according to your ideas. Let’s… Continue reading Custom HTML dropdown with jQuery

Buttons – When states are gone

It is more and more often when I visit some website and no matter how great or bad they look, one thing catches my attention almost immediately. States for buttons and links. Some of those websites does not use any styles or whatever to help user differentiate between default, hover and active state. If you… Continue reading Buttons – When states are gone