The Question of MVP (or MLP?)

If you are familiar with lean startup methodologies, you probably already approached the MVP term. It stands for “Minimum Viable Product”. This is a fundamental stone of lean startup philosophy. When you want to build some product, you are not shooting for the “allinclusive” version loaded with tons of features. That would be only unnecessary… Continue reading The Question of MVP (or MLP?)

Responsive navigation with Bootstrap 3

We already touched Bootstrap 3 framework in past when we were exploring its responsive grid system. If you are interested, head to Bootstrap 3 grid system demystified Pt.1 post. Now, back to today’s topic. We are going to dive into Bootstrap 3’s navigation code to bring some clarity into it and understand what individual classes do.… Continue reading Responsive navigation with Bootstrap 3

5 steps to accessible forms

Creating good forms is a tough job. By “good” I don’t mean just visually pleasant. Sure, this plays important role too. Who likes to fill in an ugly form? No, I am talking about creating forms that are both, nice to look at and also accessible. Today, we will put the visual part aside and… Continue reading 5 steps to accessible forms

Rethinking the design for mobile

With time smartphones and other mobile devices got bigger and bigger and this trend will probably only continue and maybe even speed up. There is no doubt about it. Mobile phones are now closer to small-size tablets then ever before. Sooner or later the gap between those categories will disappear. Why is this topic so… Continue reading Rethinking the design for mobile

Pros and cons of HTML and CSS frameworks

Many people got used or are at least thinking about using some of the available frameworks. Some of the more known and better positioned frameworks on the Internet are Bootstrap, Foundation, Skeleton, HTML5 Boilerplate, Cube, YAML and Less Framework. Every framework offers something different and they all also vary in their size. Another thing to… Continue reading Pros and cons of HTML and CSS frameworks

Typography in Web design

It was said and repeated for many times that web is 90% typography. If you are a web designer, developer or just anyone working in web industry, typography covers huge part of your work. Typography is also one field that is often overlooked by young designers wanting to start their careers or businesses. This is… Continue reading Typography in Web design