The ultimate guide to product design

In the previous post you could learn about prototyping in HTML, why it is better than working in graphic editor and how to get started. Today you will have a chance to explore this, product design and development, topic further by understanding what product design is, what questions you should ask and how many features should… Continue reading The ultimate guide to product design

Working from home – 5 tips to stay sane

Today it is much easier than ever before to work from home and even to start your own businesses with home as your base. Working from home has many advantages, but it also comes with challenges you have to face and solve. Many freelancers working from home deal with these obstacles on a daily basis.… Continue reading Working from home – 5 tips to stay sane

Remote work and hacking the workflow of employees

More than ever before we are seeing how internet and the possibility of working remotely across wide distances are changing the way we hire new people. In this day and age, you don’t have to search locally and hope to find the best people for the job. Your options are much wider now. With a… Continue reading Remote work and hacking the workflow of employees

Brand – Building timeless legacy

Personal and business branding is pretty overused in these days. Everyone wants to build his or her own brand. Some of them even want to create and sustain their brand with as little work as possible. If you are one of those people, you don’t have to continue reading because I’m not going to give… Continue reading Brand – Building timeless legacy

6 reasons your startup will fail

Startup or any other type of company can fail for various reasons. Today, in this post, you will learn about six I consider as the deadliest. These reasons are also often the ones you will find common between failed startups or bankrupt companies. I hope that outlining those factors will help you avoid repeating mistakes… Continue reading 6 reasons your startup will fail

The paradox of exit

Exit is the main idea and goal many entrepreneurs start their businesses with. It looks interesting thanks to huge amount of information in news covering the latest sell and the new millionaire, or billionaire. This idea of becoming rich early enough so you can enjoy your money before getting too old is thought so seductive,… Continue reading The paradox of exit