Are reset CSS stylesheets useful

When the discussion about reset CSS stylesheets begin people quickly split into few groups. First group propose that reset stylesheets should be avoided for whatever reason. Second group, on the other hand, will recommend you to use it and even give you some links where to get it. The last group will be somewhere in-between.… Continue reading Are reset CSS stylesheets useful

What to put inside head of html

Short time ago my great friend, Brigitte, asked me what code do I include into head section of html file when I work on some project. This is a common question, not just from SEO point of view. Today this question will finally be answered through this post to help and give more clarity not… Continue reading What to put inside head of html

JavaScript 101 – Intro

This is the first part of JavaScript 101 series where you can learn more about JavaScript and how to use it in web development. If you will face any struggles or not understand to something, use comments or contact me via twitter – AlexDevero. In this first part we will talk a bit about history… Continue reading JavaScript 101 – Intro

Font Awesome tutorial

If you read some of tutorials posted on the blog, you probably hear me talking about font awesome. This font, or rather CSS stylesheet, is used to generate icons on selected elements. If you want to use this CSS font, go on Font Awesome website. For online version hosted on CDN go to “Get Started”… Continue reading Font Awesome tutorial