Tags deprecated in HTML5

Let’s talk about HTML5 tags a bit today. To be more precise, tags which were deprecated in newest HTML release. Reason for that is that some web designers and developers are still using those tags. If you are already familiar with this topic and create valid code, I’m proud of you and your clients should… Continue reading Tags deprecated in HTML5

JavaScript 101-#3 – Variables and data types Pt2

In previous part we discussed variables and some data types including numbers, strings and boolean. If you did not read that post, I suggest you to look at it first to understand how to create variables because they are fundamental aspect of any programming language, including JavaScript. Without knowledge about variables you will not be… Continue reading JavaScript 101-#3 – Variables and data types Pt2

CSS tips and tricks #6-CSS accordion menu

Another post from CSS tips and tricks just arrived! Challenge for today is to create accordion menu only with HTML and CSS. No JavaScript or jQuery or any other library are allowed. To make it a bit more classy, we will also add a fading effect to browsing between individual sections. Let’s dive into code…

JavaScript 101-#2 – Variables and data types Pt1

In the previous part of JavaScript 101 course we discussed basic methods that help us to manipulate with data. Most of these methods allow us to see the data. Today we will take a look at variables and also data types we can work with in JavaScript. This – second – post of course will… Continue reading JavaScript 101-#2 – Variables and data types Pt1

CSS tips and tricks #5-Playing with positioning

Static, relative, absolute, fixed and now also add a sticky to it. CSS position property can be a bit harder to understand and to use all of its hidden powers. In this post I will also show you a quick trick to horizontally and vertically center any element using position property with margin. This also… Continue reading CSS tips and tricks #5-Playing with positioning