JavaScript 101-#8 – Strings

Plan for today is quite simple … We will continue in JavaScript 101 series. Last time talked finished deep dive into numbers and the next topic, we will cover today are strings. Because we already covered the basics in post about data types, we will jump right into methods and properties you can use with strings… Continue reading JavaScript 101-#8 – Strings

JavaScript 101-#6 – Functions Pt2

In last part we took a look at functions, what they do, how they do it how to create them. We learned that there are two ways to declare them. One is with “var” keyword and another is without it. Today we will continue in our exploration of functions more in-depth. First thing on the… Continue reading JavaScript 101-#6 – Functions Pt2

JavaScript 101-#4 – Variables and data types Pt3

After arrays, next data type to explore are objects. Objects are one of the most important thing in JS you can work with. Different people have different opinions on this, but they are definitely in top three. Objects are pretty huge subject to study and there are whole books on object-oriented programming, so we should… Continue reading JavaScript 101-#4 – Variables and data types Pt3