Bootstrap 3 grid system demystified Pt.2

In previous part we were introduced to basic fundamentals of Bootstrap’s grid system covering media queries and breakpoints, container, rows and columns. This might be enough for some small project like single-page website, but why stop here? Why not to take it to another level? Today, we will explore nested rows and columns and also… Continue reading Bootstrap 3 grid system demystified Pt.2

Bootstrap 3 grid system demystified Pt.1

Whether or not you will use Boostrap 3 as a framework for your projects and work, it is always good to play with what is currently available and hot on the market. This will help you understand how other people in the industry work and learn from them. Another thing is that you will see… Continue reading Bootstrap 3 grid system demystified Pt.1

How to create responsive typography

Creating responsive typography is a hard thing to do and not many web designers rather don’t talk about it at all. In order to provide the best experience for your users as possible, you better not avoid this subject. Let’s divide it into smaller parts and bring some more clarity into it.

3 ways to deal with responsive images

Responsive images is one of the pillars of responsive web design philosophy. For a long time web designers have to use various creative ways to solve the problem of serving different devices with different image files. However, this should not be necessary now thanks to new picture element which was released by W3C.

Design for breakpoints

Few days ago I listened to Web Ahead podcast ( episode with Mark Boulton. This episode is a bit older, from November 2011, however with good stuff time does not matter. Mark mentioned interesting thing when it comes to responsive design. The idea was to design for specific breakpoints instead of resolutions and I think… Continue reading Design for breakpoints