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Psychology of Design Pt3 - 9 Startling Facts About Memory

Psychology of Design Masterclass – 9 Facts About Memory You Need to Know

Do you know how your designs can influence people’s memory and overall experience? There are a number of amazing facts we know about memory we can use to design captivating user experience. In this part of Psychology of design series you will learn about nine most important findings about human memory you should, as designer, know. Use this knowledge to design products that will help people avoid some of the pitfalls memory can have.

Psychology of Design Pt1 – 10 Amazing Secrets of Sight

Psychology of Design Masterclass – 10 Secrets of Sight You Need to Know

Understanding psychology of design is a must for every designer. It doesn’t matter whether you design websites, magazines, apps or physical products. What matters is that your target audience are people and results of your work are going to be used by them. It is important for you as a designer to know how people think, make decisions and what motivates them. These and many other questions will be answered in this series about psychology of design. Today, you will learn everything you need about how we see.

Calisthenics Why It Is The Best Hobby-post

Calisthenics – Why It Is The Best Hobby Ever

Calisthenics is one of those activities or hobbies that is on the rise now. Sometimes, it is almost unbelievable what feats can some people do with their own body. Just take a look at groups like Barstarzz. These guys will literally blow your mind! In this post I will share with you bits of its history along with pretty good reasons to start with it. And, in the end of this post you will find couple of rules or commandments to make your progression faster and training more interesting. So, without further ado, let’s begin.