Responsive pricing tables dilemma – Code

Creating complex responsive pricing tables was the subject of the last post. Today, we are going to look at how this idea I came up with in previous post – individual separate tables with hidden elements on certain screen sizes – works when turned into reality. Surprisingly, it works great! With just a bit more… Continue reading Responsive pricing tables dilemma – Code

Responsive pricing tables dilemma

Creating visually appealing pricing tables that will provide both, clear information and good design, are sometimes hard to make. Let’s forget that simple three-plan lists with couple lines at this moment. I want you to think about more complex ones. Think about a table containing couple different pricing plans with several lines in each of… Continue reading Responsive pricing tables dilemma

The Question of MVP (or MLP?)

If you are familiar with lean startup methodologies, you probably already approached the MVP term. It stands for “Minimum Viable Product”. This is a fundamental stone of lean startup philosophy. When you want to build some product, you are not shooting for the “allinclusive” version loaded with tons of features. That would be only unnecessary… Continue reading The Question of MVP (or MLP?)

7 reasons to love and use Sass

Let’s take a little breake from Bootstrap for today and redirect the focus on different topic. This topic is Sass preprocessor and in this post I want to share with you seven reasons why you should at least consider learning more about it or even implement it into your regular work process. One more thing… Continue reading 7 reasons to love and use Sass

Rethinking the design for mobile

With time smartphones and other mobile devices got bigger and bigger and this trend will probably only continue and maybe even speed up. There is no doubt about it. Mobile phones are now closer to small-size tablets then ever before. Sooner or later the gap between those categories will disappear. Why is this topic so… Continue reading Rethinking the design for mobile

Build your own framework

Frameworks can bring many benefits to your work and also can speed you up. However, many people are try to avoid them every time they can. The reasons for this can be many, from complexity to dependency on someone else. Today we are going to take these arguments and totally crush ’em by exploring option… Continue reading Build your own framework