Brand – Building timeless legacy

Personal and business branding is pretty overused in these days. Everyone wants to build his or her own brand. Some of them even want to create and sustain their brand with as little work as possible. If you are one of those people, you don’t have to continue reading because I’m not going to give… Continue reading Brand – Building timeless legacy

Community, feedback and learning

The main subject of this post will be all about communities, how they can help you learn and become a better designer through valuable feedback and what can you do to pay it back. The second part is also important. It is one thing to accept someone’s advice and act upon it while another to… Continue reading Community, feedback and learning

Responsive pricing tables dilemma

Creating visually appealing pricing tables that will provide both, clear information and good design, are sometimes hard to make. Let’s forget that simple three-plan lists with couple lines at this moment. I want you to think about more complex ones. Think about a table containing couple different pricing plans with several lines in each of… Continue reading Responsive pricing tables dilemma

The Question of MVP (or MLP?)

If you are familiar with lean startup methodologies, you probably already approached the MVP term. It stands for “Minimum Viable Product”. This is a fundamental stone of lean startup philosophy. When you want to build some product, you are not shooting for the “allinclusive” version loaded with tons of features. That would be only unnecessary… Continue reading The Question of MVP (or MLP?)

5 steps to accessible forms

Creating good forms is a tough job. By “good” I don’t mean just visually pleasant. Sure, this plays important role too. Who likes to fill in an ugly form? No, I am talking about creating forms that are both, nice to look at and also accessible. Today, we will put the visual part aside and… Continue reading 5 steps to accessible forms

Rethinking the design for mobile

With time smartphones and other mobile devices got bigger and bigger and this trend will probably only continue and maybe even speed up. There is no doubt about it. Mobile phones are now closer to small-size tablets then ever before. Sooner or later the gap between those categories will disappear. Why is this topic so… Continue reading Rethinking the design for mobile