The Question of MVP (or MLP?)

If you are familiar with lean startup methodologies, you probably already approached the MVP term. It stands for “Minimum Viable Product”. This is a fundamental stone of lean startup philosophy. When you want to build some product, you are not shooting for the “allinclusive” version loaded with tons of features. That would be only unnecessary… Continue reading The Question of MVP (or MLP?)

The case of Dribbble and Behance

Pretty much was said about Dribbble and Behance, especially about Dribbble. If you are following discussions related to web design, you probably heard or read some of the complaints and biases. One of the often mentioned was elitism attributed to Dribbble. Haters were and still are complaining about the system Dribbble use to get new… Continue reading The case of Dribbble and Behance

Unification of web design and originality

After browsing the Internet for a couple minutes, one almost always have to come up with conclusion that all of the websites are divided into just a few categories. These categories differ only in details such as size of individual elements like footer or sections, position of navigation, if they use ghost buttons or if… Continue reading Unification of web design and originality

Selling is helping

When you start your own business no matter if it is a company or freelancing, one of the most important thing to know, next to accounting, is how to sell. Some people know this naturally and some have to learn it. Selling is, by many people, still seen and also done more like trying to… Continue reading Selling is helping