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Business, design and tech are in constant flux. These areas are changing every day. Get a new update just once a week – it features long-form articles, and essays, on what’s going on business, design and technology. I’ve written 420+ articles and essays and many of those have been featured and quoted on Net Magazine, A List Apart, YFS Magazine and Codementor.

The goal of this blog is to help you master design, technology and entrepreneurship. Nothing more and nothing less. Use this knowledge to build your own company. Yes, you can become tech and design entrepreneur.

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  1. You like going deep on the subject, amount of words doesn’t matter.
  2. You like to do things the hard way.
  3. You love thinking.
  4. You like to question the status quo and thinking for yourself.
  5. You believe that you can master more than one area.
  6. You want to hear the truth without any decoration, no BS.
  7. You like finding your own way instead of following orders.
  8. You don’t care about images, it’s about the information.
  9. You don’t like filler words.
  10. You want to put the theory to practice.
  11. You believe in yourself and you know what do you want.
  12. You are a dreamer AND doer.
  13. You don’t care about motivation, you just get sh*t done.


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