Game of numbers with your clients

Many starting Web Designers are doing one almost special mistake. The ask their clients for numbers before they tell them. This is occur most often when Designer is beginner and got his first client (maybe second). Since this mistake can cost you a lot of money and also – from psychological view – your reputation, we will talk about this subject more today.

Budget, or price of your work if you want, and time are two “types” of numbers we will discuss in this article. Imagine this … You are talking with a Web Designer about creating website for you. Designer looks confident and tell you the price and expected time span for whole project right on the spot without any hesitation. Now imagine different example … Again, you talk with a designer who looks … Let’s say average. You tell him what you need (create a website). He thinks it through and then ask you on how much are you willing to pay him (or what is you budget) and how much time will you give him to do it. Now compare these two examples in your mind. Which Designer look better – more professional – and which one would you probably choose? I don’t know how about you, but I would rather pick the confident one. Even if I would have to bargain the price or time down a little bit, I would still prefer him over that average one. Not only does it looks better, when you know your price and are willing to stand for it, it also creates special kind of atmosphere.

You just feel in your guts (or know) that that pro will make it. What is the factor that makes you think it? He is simply self-confident. He trusts in himself and in his ability to deliver. That is the important factor. It’s like on a date. When man is confident, knows his value and act in that manner, he has much better chance to convince the girl about his worth. Would you go out with some one who asks you on your opinion and idea every time some decision has to be made? No way! Conclusion: No matter what, you should avoid doing this number mistake especially when it comes to budget and time required to finish the job. Be the man, the professional, and say your price straightforward.

Hour rate or fixed rate

Different professionals prefer different way to set the price for their work. Some one will count the final price with using hour rate, while another may have range of fixed rate based on factors like project complexity, time required, amount of features, additional work needed (creating logo design, typeface etc.). Some people are used to count the size of the company (client) or how they communicate as factors for coming up with final price. That’s sounds crazy right? It all depends on you what will you use for setting your price. Good thing is to try both directions. You can set your price by working with hour rate for one project and by fixed rate for another. Take your time to examine this and don’t rush it.

It would be nonsense and dumb to use hour rate if you are fast working – typing – and skilled pro Web Designer. Why? Trust me, you don’t want to get paid few bucks just because you are so good you finished whole project in two days while some average Joe would it week. However, I’m not suggesting you to deceive your clients or to prolong the time span just to get paid more. No way that is cheating! You are not a cheater or a thief. So never even think about it. Speed of your work should be advantage not a burden. By doing this, you will try it on your own skin and find out what suits you better. Also consider your style of work. How many hour per day will you work on the project. Try to calculate how many hours daily will you spent on the project and how many days will it take in total. By doing this, you can easily create range for you fixed rate. Personally, I use fixed rate any time I can. This just suits me better than working on hour rate.

Time – less or more

We as people are suffering from one particular illusion. We think we can do something in less time than we are really capable of. This can get us into troubles. From coming late on the meeting to missing the deadline. Both examples are avoidable. We just have to add some additional time as a reserve. It does not matter how optimistic you are. There are factors in your life and environment you simply cannot control. From this point of view, it is better to be realist or even a pessimist and require more time to get the job done, than otherwise. If you go with more and deliver sooner, it will have positive effect on your relationship with your client. By this you can also get some nice bonus like reference or more jobs in the future from your past clients who were satisfied with you work. Sure, you can always ask your client for more time, but it will have consequences. Always choose more time than needed.


Never ever ever ever ask your client for any numbers regarding budget or required time span for getting job done. You are the one who says the numbers first. If you set them to high, you can discuss these numbers with your client and settle on lower level. Remember, when client does not like your numbers, you can always bargain.

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