JavaScript 101-#15 – Loops Pt2

Today, in part 2 of loops we will take a look at “while“ loop and its advanced sibling „do while“ loop. There will be many examples for you to practice these two types of loops and to understand them fully. “while“ and “do while“ are, after “for“ loop last available loops you can use in… Continue reading JavaScript 101-#15 – Loops Pt2

JavaScript 101-#14 – Loops Pt1

In this part of JavaScript 101 we will take a look at one thing that will help you do your work faster, better and with less code. This subject is one of the favorite for many of programmers in any programming language. Our topic for today, and probably one future post, are loops! In this… Continue reading JavaScript 101-#14 – Loops Pt1

JavaScript 101-#13 – If statement

In the previous part of JavaScript 101 series we finished exploration of data types by learning about objects. Today, we will take a look at topic that will be very important in your future work. What we are going to talk about are if statements. These statements, as you will see, will become very handy… Continue reading JavaScript 101-#13 – If statement

JavaScript 101-#12 – Objects Pt2

Lastly, we practiced creating object, got familiar with „this“ keyword and also got better with accessing methods and properties of objects. All of this will be very useful today. What’s on program? We will take a look at another way to create objects constructors that can be used to create instances of objects later. Stop… Continue reading JavaScript 101-#12 – Objects Pt2

JavaScript 101-#11 – Objects Pt1

Ever heard about objects? I bet you did and if not, today you will get full dose of them because they are next on the line right after arrays. In this post we will explore this amazing world of JavaScript objects. The best way to learn something is to practice it, a lot, so we… Continue reading JavaScript 101-#11 – Objects Pt1

JavaScript 101-#10 – Arrays Pt2

In the first part we practiced creating arrays and took a look at some of the methods you can use. The last one we practiced was splice() method. Today we will continue exploring the rest of methods available for arrays to finish this topic so we can close it and move forward to objects. Let’s… Continue reading JavaScript 101-#10 – Arrays Pt2