A bit about me…

My name is Alex Devero

I am designer, developer & entrepreneur from Czech Republic.

I am self-taught designer, developer and entrepreneur from Czech Republic. Technology, design and business are my lifelong passions/obsessions. My lifetime goal is to use technology to change the World. I have been designing and developing websites, building interactive experiences and building businesses since I was 11. I am proficient in design, web development and UI/UX design.


I’m devoted to modern and clean designs. I am an advocate of structure, purity and simplicity in both, design and code. Beautiful is better than ugly. Simple is better than complex. Complex is better than complicated. I believe that every line of code and element in design has to have purpose or function. Organization and consistency are very important to me.


In the terms of technology, I am proficient HTML5, CSS3, SASS, PostCSS, JavaScript (ES6/ES7) and version system Git. I am well versed in Bootstrap and Foundation frameworks, NodeJS platform and OOP. When I want to use some JavaScript library, it is ReactJS and jQuery. I like to use build tool Gulp and bundler Webpack.

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