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  • HTML5 and CSS3 Feature Detection with Modernizr and Beyond

    HTML5 and CSS3 Feature detection with Modernizr and Beyond

    Reading Time: 14 minutesWhat is feature detection? How can you use it in web development? These and many more questions are the subject of this article. First, you will learn about the current champion among feature detection JavaScript libraries. Then, you will explore the interesting future of CSS-based feature detection. In-between, you will also learn about some practices […]

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  • CSS tips and tricks #16 – Mastering CSS child selectors

    Reading Time: 5 minutesSome CSS selectors can look more like a different language or test from advanced mathematics. This makes the whole process of learning for web designers and developers more difficult than necessary. What’s more, when something looks hard we are naturally less inclined to invest our time and effort in learning that particular thing. This is […]